Let's make one thing perfectly goddamn clear: You have to have serious cojones to name your band Gods. Fuck, even their website is www.listentogods.com. Dude. Los cojones grandes.

That said, one listen to the new track — featuring Paul Ritchie and Sam Bey of the Parlor Mob — and maybe you've got this band pegged wrong. It's clear that they worship at the altar of trippy psychedelic rock, so maybe the name is for what they see when they're splayed out on the grass, tripping on shrooms? That might explain the sitar intro, the epic space travel-y bridge, the heavy Moogerfooger effects, the Hawkwind-meets-Brian Jonestown Massacre sound and the overall drugged-out vibe? Either way, settle in, call your dealer and dig on the new track "Wash," maaaan. Far out.