South Jersey indie-emo outfit Dryjacket recently signed to Hopeless to record their debut album, For Posterity. The album, which arrives next week, arose out of misery; according to the band, their follow-up to 2015's Lights, Locks & Faucets EP, "document[s] a series of unfavorable events that led to a pretty tough year." Romantic foibles, existential crises, artistic angst: Dryjacket have dealt with all sorts of drama, and yet their sonic crucible for such pain remains remarkably affable — not to mention catchy.

As expected for an album that doubles as gloomy retrospective, Dryjacket's new single, "Spelling Era," finds inspiration in the bad old days. According to frontman Joe Junod, the track "describes two colleagues whose relationship remains strictly professional despite the one's failed 'romantic' advances" (otherwise known as the most awkward amorous arrangement imaginable). Petal's Kiley Lotz contributed vocals to the track, which you can stream below. Scroll down to check out the album artwork and track list.

Dryjacket's For Posterity LP arrives January 13 via Hopeless. Pre-order it here.

For Posterity

1. "Wicker Couch"
2. "Epi Pen Pals"
3. "Spelling Era"
4. "Two Toasters"
5. "Titebond IV"
6. "Abe LinkedIn"
7. "Misused Adrenaline"
8. "Milo With An 'H'"
9. "Bill Gates' Ringtone"
10. "Patron Without Funds"
11. "Ana [an-uh, an-nuh]"