Doomsday Student have never shied away from being crass. Everything about the Providence punks — from their harsh, squelching sound to their grotesque videos — bears an almost focus-grouped degree of rudeness. Naturally, that commitment to shock value has granted them a notorious reputation in most noise rock circles, but also ample respect — partially because the band includes alums of storied groups like Arab on Radar, the Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, and Chrome Jackson, but mostly because their racket strikes the perfect balance between unhinged scuzz and technical nuance.

With the impending arrival of the band's third album, A Self-Help Tragedy, later this year, Doomsday Student are set to host their most debauched bacchanal yet. "LSD Mom" is but one of the eight tales of depravity detailed on the record, but it screams volumes about the murky-sounding hysterics that give A Self-Help Tragedy its edge. Listen below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list.

Doomsday Student’s newest LP, A Self-Help Tragedy, will be released on December 2, via Three One G Records (on vinyl / digitally) and Skin Graft Records (on CD). 

1. “The First Trip”
2. “LSD Mom”
3. “Angry Christmas”
4. “Wonderful”
5. “Fight and Flight”
6. “Yoko Ono’s Nightmare”
7. “The Kids Are Confused”
8. “Johnston Tar Pits”

Doomsday Student - A Self Help Tragedy