It all started with a spur-of-the-moment road trip. One day in summer 2014, singer-songwriter Zoë Kiefl hopped in her car and took a trip to Philadelphia. During a stop-off in New York City on her way back home to Montreal, she found herself crashing with Nicola Donà, a Venetian-born musician known for his work as the one-man band Horrible Present. Bonding gave way to collaboration, and before long, the two were inseparable, constantly recording ideas and snippets over the span of Donà’s tour that summer. Such are the origins of Dizzyride’s lush, genre-spanning sound, somewhere between Afrobeat’s languid swing and the Cocteau Twins’ swooning baroque pop.

Two EPs and a pair of European tours later, Kiefl and Donà are gearing up to release Dizzyride’s self-titled LP, arriving January 20. The 10-track effort features a number of noteworthy guests, including Kyle Forester (on saxophone) and the ever-rising Mary Lattimore, whose glistening harp performance acts as an apex for the whimsical first single “Soundtrack,” premiering today exclusively via CLRVYNT. Listen below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list. And pick it up on We Were Never Being Boing.

1. “Soundtrack”
2. “Jungle Mix”
3. “Man in a Golden Suit”
4. “Cry Your Lungs Out”
5. “Candy Lullaby”
6. “One Night”
7. “Fever Free”
8. “Metallic Touch”
9. “Young You”
10. “Gold Mines”