Crooked Bangs are an Austin trio that plays brooding, multi-lingual post-punk with a noisy bent — think Savages by way of the Melvins, after a long Parisian vacation. Their powerhouse is bandleader / bassist Leda Ginestra, a versatile vocalist who plays deft games of hopscotch with language (English and French) and dynamics (caustic screams and mumbled deadpans); guitarist Samantha Wedndel and drummer Phillip Gonzalez buttress these performances with aplomb, resulting in a sound that’s as hellish as it is hypnotic.

Following 2012’s self-titled debut and an appearance on last fall’s Frequency of the Truewave compilation alongside the likes of Priests, Shopping and others, Crooked Bangs are gearing up to release their aptly titled sophomore album, II. Ahead of the LP’s April 21 release date, the band has dropped off a seething new single by the name of “Rabbit Hole.” Venture into their gloomy Wonderland below.

Crooked Bangs will release II on April 21 via Nervous Intent. Pre-order it here.