Some people have cool tattoos. Some people have stupid tattoos. Band tattoos are our favorite intersection of this particular Venn diagram. In today's Scarred for Life, we ask Juan Hernandez of L.A. hardcore stoner squad Colombian Necktie why he ink-mortalized an Explosions in the Sky album cover

So, why this band? What about this band compelled you to get this tattoo?
I chose the cover of Explosions in the Sky’s All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone for many reasons, but the main reason is I'm a big fan of the cover art and the music on that record. It helps me zen.

Where is it located? Why did you choose that spot?
It's on my forearm. I chose that spot because my first tattoo was on my chest and I heard forearms were easier.

colombian necktie tattoo
Courtesy of Juan Hernandez

How long did it take and how much did it cost?
I'm not a big needle fan; therefore I don’t have a great tolerance for that type of pain, so this took about three sessions and $600.

Why did you choose the image that you did? What about that image is personal to you?
I love the cover because to me it represents a longing to be with your loved ones and hope. I have a rather large extended family, so I end up missing them a lot. Also, if I ever lose sight of what my purpose in life is.

Have you shared it with the band via social media, or even in person?
No I haven’t. I really didn’t get it for them; I got it for me. Although maybe it might be rewarding for them to see the impact their art has had on me.

What do your friends think of this tattoo? Do your friends have similar band tattoos or even one of the same band?
Most of my friends either have no idea what it is or they know and make comments on how other friends have similar tattoos. It's becoming a popular tattoo in recent years, very much like the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures cover.

Any regrets whatsoever?
Nah, I have been super happy with this tattoo.

Does anyone you’ve met have a tattoo related to your band? What’s the craziest tattoo of your band that you’ve seen?
No, not that we know of, but it would be cool to have that honor bestowed on us.

Is it cool or lame to get a tattoo of your own band?
I'm not the measure of cool or lame; I simply exist. I do support body modification. So, no shame in the game.