Some people have cool tattoos. Some people have stupid tattoos. Band tattoos are our favorite intersection of this particular Venn diagram. In today's Scarred for Life, we ask one-man psych-doom alchemist Nate Garrett of Spirit Adrift (and Gatecreeper) why he ink-mortalized High on Fire / Sleep legend Matt Pike

So, why this band? What about this band compelled you to get this tattoo?
It's Matt Pike.

Where is it located? Why did you choose that spot?
My left wrist. Partially because I'm running out of space. Also because every time I'm playing a riff, I can look down at my riffing hand and I'll be reminded that I need to step it up.

spirit adrift matt pike tattoo
Courtesy of Nate Garrett

How long did it take and how much did it cost?
It took maybe 20 minutes, if that? I don't remember how much it cost, but not very much.

Why did you choose the image that you did? What about that image is personal to you?
It's Matt fucking Pike.

Have you shared it with the band via social media, or even in person?
I got it just before seeing High on Fire in Tucson, and I showed it to Pike right after their set. He got what I think was a genuine laugh out of it, and thankfully wasn't terrified / creeped out. Or maybe he just hid it well.

What do your friends think of this tattoo? Do your friends have similar band tattoos or even one of the same band?
There's been a lot of eye rolls. Pretty sure I'm the only person that has this tattoo.

Any regrets whatsoever?

Does anyone you’ve met have a tattoo related to your band? What’s the craziest tattoo of your band that you’ve seen?
Not that I know of.

Is it cool or lame to get a tattoo of your own band?
Who cares? Do whatever you want. I really want a Gatecreeper tattoo.

What's your favorite band tattoo that isn't obviously a band tattoo?
I have the riff from the song "Black Sabbath" tattooed on me. I think it's cool because the implications of that one riff are so far-reaching and powerful. It goes beyond just being a Sabbath tattoo.