Athens, Ga., outfit Cinemechanica are putting out their first new album in 10 years. If you didn't have your head on straight, you might think that break between releases would lead to a fair amount of rust. But their new self-titled effort is proof that good things come to those who wait.

It would be fair to call their music math rock, but from the first song on, it's obvious that there's a much harder edge compared to what some of their contemporaries are working with. That edge is sharpened due to the fact that the album is mixed by Kurt Ballou of Converge fame, the hands behind some of contemporary metal's best production, including Nails, Torche, Code Orange, Gaza and more.

"Hang Up the Spurs" kicks the record off, smoky guitar riffs looping back in on themselves, screamed vocals keeping the frantic nature of the track up to speed. It's followed by "Vietnamese Pool Party," which throws together more riffs and quicker beats in two minutes than most bands can fit in twice the time. There's small reprieves from the chaos, like in "Trenches"' moody opening, but for the most part, the ride doesn't stop unless you jump out of the coaster. The chaos and noise only cease in closer "Biblical Noise," a fitting title for a track stacked full of aggression and energy. It's a record that takes expert musicianship and puts it in a mad package full of tension, energy and unbridled passion.

Hear Cinemechanica's self-titled album below, and pre-order their record here before it's out on Friday.