This decade reestablished synths as not just a cornerstone of popular music, but a crucial facet of bands. Thus, so many styles have returned to the forefront of alt-rock after a post-'80s dip, and this time with even less crowding from hair-metal guitars. From the Faint to Cold Cave, the brittle pulse of darkwave has been one of the beneficiaries of the new synth resurgence, and the die-cast shine of Body of Light's pensive melodies and percolating keyboards can be counted among them.

The duo of brothers Alex and Andrew Jarson put out their debut album in July, and they've now unveiled a new clip for the moodily kinetic "Tremble," in which a surprisingly Bieber-like figure skulks around the city in varying qualities of camera resolution.

Body of Light's Let Me Go is currently available from Dais Records.