Anohni spends much of her recent album Hopelessness taking on the big guns. From American imperialism to global warming, homophobia to racial injustice, no blemish on the Big Picture goes unaddressed — but on "I Don't Love You Anymore," that anguish is felt far more personally and pointedly.

Case in point: her new video for "I Don't Love You Anymore," a stirring, close-up encounter with the artist. There's no plot to speak of — just a continuous shot of Anohni singing the song, rarely averting her gaze. Face-to-face with the inherent confrontation, we viewers can't help but feel her pain; as with the previously shared "Crisis" video, to witness "I Don't Love You Anymore" is to become embedded in Hopelessness' botched — and beautiful — Big Picture. Watch below.

 Anohni released Hopelessness earlier this year via Secretly Canadian / Rough Trade.