Anohni's Hopelessness will stand as one of the year's most remarkable albums. Each song on the record is vulnerable, but not weak, a protest of current cultural injustices. Her newest video for "Crisis" is deceptively simple: NYC-based performer Storm Lever faces the camera directly, mouthing Anohni's words, a critique of the atrocities the United States is responsible for via bombings of foreign countries. Storm Lever's performance gives the song a new life, exhibiting how universal these anxieties are among people all across America.

In a press release, Anohni went more in-depth about the song:

"Deescalation cannot occur until we truly account for what the United States has done. I wanted to model what that might look like on a personal level as an American citizen. There is an unspoken sense that the atrocities our country has committed in the Middle East are too grave to really acknowledge or account for. And yet, for peace to really take hold, there is no other road forward.”