Everybody wanna sound like Björk. Or The Knife. Or Zola Jesus. Or one of 100 million others that employ challenging electronic beats with strong female vocals. But hardly anyone (read: no one) ever nails it, instead losing their own identity in the pursuit of emulation. Immolation through emulation.

Alina Bea isn't a victim, and if the new track "Get It Off" is any indication, she'll be pushing boundaries and gathering followers in the meantime. "Get It Off" feels like a Pretty Hate Machine B-side, save for her breathy, slithering and somewhat paranoid vocal. It's the kind of song that's probably playing in the club when you spy a sexy someone dancing afar out of the corner of your eye — it's danceable, hummable and just plain good. Check it out below and order yours via a singles compilation due in November on New Professor Music. "Get It Off" will be available on iTunes, Spotify, etc., on November 4.