Send me to Hell for this, but it must be said: The vast majority of musical performances in church services are incredibly tacky. Try as they might to stay humble, the acoustic guitarists inevitably backslide from speaking in tongues to channeling Jimmy Buffett. And don't get me started on the solos, which reduce the Lord's Prayer to little more than The Voice for the Sunday set. Maybe that's my somber Greek Orthodox upbringing talking, but it's true.

Thank God, then, for Alex Izenberg's moving "Grace" video, which sees the piano man performing the song — off his upcoming album Harlequin, out next month — in reverent solitude, backed by a minimal orchestra. The performance invites contemplation and meditation — and it's super spiritual as a result. Watch below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list.

Alex Izenberg's Harlequin LP will be released November 18 via Domino. Pre-order it here.

1. “The Farm”
2. “Grace”
3. “Libra”
4. “Archer”
5. “Hot Is the Fire”
6. “Changes”
7. “To Move On”
8. “A Bird Came Down”
9. “The Moon”
10. “Waltz of the Roots”
11. “People”