If you've lived in NYC long enough, you probably remember seeing bands like Matt & Kim, Animal Collective, Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon and a host of others play lofts, rooftops, abandoned auto parts stores, raw spaces that would eventually become condos, acoustic shows on Roosevelt Island, and so much more. And if you went to any of those gigs, you probably saw a band that left a really strong impression called Aa (or big A little a, like the Crass song), who used drum patterns from several percussionists as the primary conduit for their incredible approach.

Two years removed from their last LP, Aa are back with ZebrAa, a new record due via Fire Talk in November (pre-order yours). This time around, the band looped in percussionists from the entirety of their existence, adding in vocal melodies and weird electronic touches to create something wholly Aa. Their first single is "Trash Hits," a driving, rhythmic track that uses odd synths and electronic waves in addition to layered vocal harmonies. Fans of Animal Collective will see parallels, but reminder: These bands were on the come-up at the same time. Aa have been a band for 14 years.