Most know Patrick Walker as the frontman and co-founder of Warning, the influential emissaries of England's doom scene. Intermittently active throughout the past two decades, the group parted ways in 2009, leaving Walker and drummer Christian Leitch to take their down-tempo ambitions elsewhere. And then, following the enlistment of William Spong on bass, Warning's vast, amorphous descendant arose: 40 Watt Sun. The project has seen Walker incorporating heretofore unheard textures into his palette (folk, post-rock, ambient), most recently on 2011's debut LP, The Inside Room.

Five years after that release, Walker and his bandmates are expanding their horizons yet again with Wider Than the Sky, a six-part panorama of barren hymnals, crushing soundscapes and carnal nocturnes. Arriving October 14 via the band's own Radiance label, the self-produced record accomplishes the seemingly impossible feat of making Walker and company sound even more sinister — but also deathly beautiful. And here's the clincher: We almost never got to hear this material.

"I sent our old label [Cyclone Empire] the new songs," Walker told CLRVYNT in a statement. "They didn't like them, and we then spent about 18 months buying ourselves out of our contract." He continues: "We had offers from a couple of big independents after that, but, particularly after the last few years' experience, [we] walked away and decided to self-release. I've spent 17 years working with record labels and [have] little left to show for it but a bad taste in my mouth."

Well, that's not entirely true. He's got the songs — especially "Pictures," which we're premiering today at CLRVYNT. Stream the devastating track below, and check out the album art and track list.

40 Watt Sun will self-release their new album Wider Than the Sky on October 14, with a vinyl pressing via Svart.

1) “Stages”
2) “Beyond You”
3) “Another Room”
4) “Pictures”
5) “Craven Road”
6) “Marazion”