White Lung's new video for "Sister" isn't just the latest visual taken from May's fantastic Paradise LP; it's a poignant reminder of a happier time, when Tinder was just a fancy word for the crusty old logs sitting in the fire pit, rather than the primary avenue by which so many poor souls find themselves in "relationships" similarly fated to crash and burn. (No, I'm not bitter, Mom, stop asking.) Back in the day, if you wanted love, you actually had to call the person of your affections to make your feelings known. If you were too chicken to do so, at least there was plan B: the good old romantic hotline, which has more or less fallen by the wayside as more and more hopeless loners opt to save their money and keep on firing off "you up? ;)" texts with the hopes that someone, somewhere, will actually respond.

That's not an issue for the gentleman at the center of "Sister": On the contrary, Justin Gradin's clip finds him on the line with two women, all too eager to scream their hearts out and bat bedroom eyes at the camera. Unfortunately, they end up scaring their would-be Romeo off through a steadily escalating series of bacchanalian antics; at one point, frontwoman Mish Way vomits up an LP, then calmly strides over to the record player to set it a' spinnin'; later, she and her companion tear the room to shreds. Needless to say, dude can't handle it, but it's safe to say he's scarred for life. Good.

Check out the new video — appropriately referred to by Gradin as "a '90s chat line commercial on PCP" — below, accompanied by White Lung's upcoming tour dates.

White Lung released their latest album Paradise in May, via Domino.

Oct. 8 — Edmonton, Alberta @ Up + Downtown Music Festival
Oct. 15 — Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel
Oct. 16 — Hamden, CT @ The Ballroom at the Outdoor
Oct. 17 — Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall
Oct. 19 — Halifax, Nova Scotia @ The Marquee Club / Halifax Pop Explosion
Oct. 20 — Halifax, Nova Scotia @ The Seashore Tavern / Halifax Pop Explosion
Oct. 21 — Moncton, New Brunswick @ Tide & Board Gastropub
Oct. 23 — Montreal, Québec @ L'Atral
Oct. 24 — Quebec City, Québec @ Le Cercle
Oct. 25 — Ottawa, Ontario @ House of TARG
Oct. 26 — Toronto, Ontario @ Lee's Palace
Oct. 27 — Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
Oct. 28 — Fort Worth, TX @ Modern Art Music of Fort Worth
Nov. 6 — McDade, TX @ Sound on Sound Festival
Nov. 17 — Los Angeles, CA @ Resident / Red Bull 30 Days in LA
Jan. 21 — Singapore, Singapore @ Laneway Festival
Jan. 25 — Northcote, Australiatralia @ Northcote Social Club
Jan. 26 — Brisbane, Australia @ Laneway Festival
Jan. 28 — Melbourne, Australia @ Laneway Festival
Jan. 30 — Melbourne, Australia @ Laneway Festival
Feb. 1 — Wollongong, Australia @ RAD Bar
Feb. 2 — Newtown, Australia @ Newtown Social Club
Feb. 3 — Adelaide, Australia @ Laneway Festival
Feb. 4 — Sydney, Australia @ Laneway Festival
Feb. 5 — Perth, Australia @ Laneway Festival