Virginia Beach's Sunndrug play some of the heaviest indie rock you've heard in a minute. Comprised of expats from bands like Spitfire and Norma Jean, they've crafted something that bends genres, resulting in an atmospheric and emotive sound all their own. Today, they're premiering one of their heavier tracks from the upcoming record Exit Wounds, titled "Halo." It pulls in some of their previous bands' textures and sounds, but recontextualizes them within a brooding and powerful rock track. Drums stalk the vocals of singer Jimmy Reeves, his repetition of "I remember ... " ramping up into a molten chorus. Background noises come into the forefront, a screeching that only adds to the tension. Ultimately, "Halo" blends some of the best parts of post-rock, sludge and straight-up hard rock into a fresh sound.

Hear "Halo" below, and read our Physical Education interview with Reeves about what songs influenced his perspective. You can pre-order Exit Wounds from iTunes.

What’s your parents’ favorite album?
I think the Beatles' Revolver.

What was the first record you bought?
Tourniquet's Psycho Surgery.

What record has your favorite art and/or packaging?
Frances the Mute by the Mars Volta. I would love to have a big print of that cover art at home. I love the Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd cover, too. All of the cover art Storm Thorgerson did was on a different level.

What’s your preferred method and setting to listen to music?
I love listening to music in the car. After living in Brooklyn for a lot of years, I really missed that.

Most disappointed you’ve been with an album?
I was kind of let down by the new Refused album. It's impossible to follow The Shape of Punk to Come, though, so they get a free pass.

What’s a record not enough people own? That too many people own?
More people should own Max Richter's Infra. [It's] a stunning piece of music. Too many people own that U2 album that just appeared your iPhone.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a record?
The deluxe package for Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool, because it came with a piece of half-inch tape from one of their sessions. I'm hoping it's "High and Dry" or "Paranoid Android"; probably silence, though. [Laughs]

How do you organize your records?
Organization is not my strength, but I usually try and keep them in alphabetical order. I always have a stack of eight or 10 pulled out that I'm listening to.

What’s your latest acquisition?
We just did a few shows with Must Be the Holy Ghost, and I'm loving the new EP, Overflow.