South Wales' Casey alternate between crushing sonic assaults and deeply thoughtful atmospherics. Today, the band is premiering their video for "Darling," a song that illustrates what singer Tom Weaver is capable of when things slow down. The video shows Weaver driving through the woods, smoke emanating from his car as it moves along; he finds himself trapped in the flaming vehicle as the crescendo hits. It's a throwback to some of the excellent post-rock of the mid-2000s, fitting the band's sound while also imbuing it with a heavy sense of emotion.

Watch the video below, check out latest album Love Is Not Enough and read our Physical Education interview with Weaver.

What's your parents' favorite album?
My mum is a huge James Bay fan, so I’d say hers, at least at the moment, is Chaos and the Calm. My dad, I’m not really sure of — the first artist that came to mind for him was Warren Zevon, and I know he loves his album The Wind; Zevon recorded it shortly after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, so it’s always been a record my dad has celebrated as having real artistic integrity.

What was the first record you bought?
If we’re talking CDs, then first record I purchased myself was probably Nickelback’s The Long Road (don’t judge me, I was 12); and the first record I ever owned, which I received as a present, was ironically A Present for Everyone by Busted. The first vinyl record I ever bought, though, would probably have been Landscapes, Life Gone Wrong.

What record has your favorite art and / or packaging?
I’m a huge fan of the artwork for A Lot Like Birds' No Place; for it to be a concept album, and have so many elements of the story woven into the artwork, is incredible. As for packaging, I’m a big fan of die-cut record sleeves, so I’d probably go with something like Pentimento’s I, No Longer.

I would like to give a special shout out to the Elijah’s I Loved, I Hated, too, which still stands as my favorite vinyl colorway. It’s a double LP — first side is acid-washed gold, and the second side is acid washed black.

What's your preferred method and setting to listen to music?
Well, until I had my crash last year, it was in my car on a good drive ... but at the minute I commute to my day job on the bus, so I listen to a lot of my music then. I do have a small vinyl collection at home, too, so when I get chance to have a break, I enjoy listening to physical media as well.

Most disappointed you've been with an album?
I’m not sure that "disappointed" is the right word, but I felt kinda underwhelmed when Alexisonfire released Old Crows / Young Cardinals. I think it was just because I was such a huge fan of Crisis, and Watch Out! before that, and then when they started incorporating elements that I wasn’t entirely sold on, it felt weird.

What's a record not enough people own? That too many people own?
Not enough people own Young and Courageous by Tides of Man. Well, it’s out of press on vinyl now, but not enough people rate that album. Also, not enough people own Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen, which is arguably the best pop album of the last decade. However, far too many people own records that have Pitbull on them, because somehow he just keeps releasing music.

What's the most you've ever spent on a record?
I suppose I didn’t really spend it because it was a gift from Casey to our manager, Michael, but we bought a first pressing of Come Now Sleep by As Cities Burn, which, after shipping, came to like $90. Biggest personal purchase, though, would have been a first pressing of Aggression by the emotional hardcore band Verse. Not sure how much it was, though — around $40, I think? Nothing too extravagant.

How do you organize your records?
Firstly by record size (12”, 10”, 7”), then alphabetically by artist, and then alphabetically by album name; I’ve always been really anal about those kinds of things. I don’t have much of a collection — less than 100 vinyl — but I like to keep them in order.

What's your latest acquisition?
They haven’t arrived yet, but I’ve pre-ordered copies of Ocean Grove, The Rhapsody Tapes, and P.O.S., Chill, Dummy.