Sleaford Mods are here to announce that we're all totally screwed. On their new song "I Can Tell" — off the duo's T.C.R. EP, out tomorrow — Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn shapeshift from a pair of Nottingham musicians to two punkish pundits stomping at the podium, eager to detail society's slouch towards obsolescence (just in time for Election Day!). "'I Can Tell' is basic politics for the discerning skeptic," the former explained in a press release. "The streets are cold and they're squeezing us until we pop. Low earners first, then it's onto the middle lot. We're fucked." Check out the lyric video below (featuring a cameo from Pikachu!) and don't forget to savor the warm, fuzzy feeling of civilization's downfall.

Sleaford Mods will release their T.C.R. EP on October 14 via Rough Trade.