Memphis-based punk quartet NOTS have shared a video for "Inherently Low," a highlight off September's Cosmetic LP. Bandleader Natalie Hoffmann created the gritty, glitchy clip as a translational collage compiling her thoughts on the 2016 election — and the fog of anxiety that's fallen over our nation as a result. Check it out below, accompanied by a statement from Hoffmann regarding the clip, as well as photos of NOTS' performance at this year's Gonerfest here.

NOTS released Cosmetic earlier this fall via Goner Records. 

Hoffmann on "Inherently Low":

The tension and fear that came with the results certainly played a part in the visual outcome of the video. America has elected someone who has openly campaigned to keep us low. To keep us completely divided. To keep us at war. I don't think that I (or anyone) can fully process the weight of what is to come, but this video is an attempt to translate both what the song is about, and how I've felt since the election results — a new awareness, anger and fear about being kept inherently low.