Nick Fit and Sierra Kay aren't your typical songwriting duo. The former's a hardcore veteran best known for doing time with Trash Talk and Loss Leader; the latter cut her teeth — and earned a huge following — on the Warped circuit as the leader of the pop-punk band VersaEmerge. Get them in the studio, however, and you'll find that they've got a lot more in common than you think: a shared love for limber, relaxed choruses, lo-fi production and good vibes. Together with Ryan Briggs (Have Heart) and Chris Peters, the odd couple form Neaux, a New Jersey quartet that specializes in slacker-y shoegaze with a punkish edge. Call it aggro indie.

Last week, Neaux released their hazy, hook-laden debut LP Fell Off the Deep End. Today, they've shared a gritty video for one of the album's standouts, "Deep Dive." The clip's a fitting send-off to summer 2016, a grainy tableau that celebrates the simple life. Fit and Kay go for a swim, hang out with dogs and basically fritter away the hours, being very, very chill. Consider it one last hurrah before we hit peak Pumpkin Spice Latte season (ugh).

Neaux's debut album Fell Off the Deep End is available now via Iron Pier.