They say that if you don’t want a 9-to-5 job, get a hand tattoo. But what about a face tattoo? A face tattoo is a serious commitment; it is literally the first thing that anyone sees when they meet you. So, that’s why it’s rather fascinating to meet Jacksonville, Fla., resident Pavel Moskalev, who got “TUI” (short for Trapped Under Ice) tattooed across his left cheek to show his devotion to the band. We wondered what sort of person would get a tattoo on such a prominent part of their body and why, so we sat down with Moskalev to ask what the band means to him, what defines him as a person and if he has any other band tattoos in visible places. The results of our conversation are below.

How did you first hear of Trapped Under Ice?
I love 'em. I've been listening to them since 2008, when I was 16. I heard about them through a friend that I used to skateboard with when I was living in North Carolina. I would see lots of hardcore bands in the area — locals, old-school bands, all of it. Ever since then, I've been hooked on them and have listened to them pretty much every day. They've gotten me through a lot of tough stuff in my life. Not all their lyrics are negative; they have a lot of positive vibes to their music. Listening to their music is a strength-builder for me; that's why I got the tattoo on my face. People think it's crazy, but I have a lot of people who like it, too. Most people wouldn't go out of their way to do that, but it shows how devoted I am.

There are a lot of places on your body that you could have put a TUI tattoo. Why there?
I just wanted everyone to see it. I've always wanted a face tattoo, and they are a great influence to me as a musician and as a person, and I wanted to really represent my appreciation. It means a lot to me as an individual.

What do you feel like is your favorite record, and how does that represent you as a person?
I love all of it, but maybe Secrets of the World is my favorite record. That was the album that got me started on them.

tui guy
Courtesy of Pavel Moskalev

Have you met any of the band guys before? How many times have you seen them?
I've never met any of the guys before, and I haven't seen them either. They played here before, and every time they played, I've had to work and couldn't get those days off. But I used to go to shows all the time when I was younger.

You involved in music any other way?
Yeah, I had a band called Life Takes Heart, but the previous vocalist moved to Boston and my guitarist got involved in heroin, and I just had to be a friend and focus on that and not the band. I have a kid. I pretty much work full-time, going through a custody battle with my kid — doing my best as an individual. That's why music is so important to me, especially Trapped Under Ice. Staying positive, but being around a lot of negative people can be very hard at times.

Do you feel like if you didn't have TUI, you'd be an angrier or shittier person?
Yes. They've opened up my eyes to what anger can really do and what the consequences are to actions. There are ups and downs, but TUI always gives me an eye-opener to tough situations in life. That's why I've stuck with them and always will. I'm 26 now; I've definitely matured and grown. Even things two years ago, I don't think the same anymore. I give a lot of that to the positive influence from the music I listen to. To the Wind and Have Heart were really important to me.

Do you have any other band tattoos?
No. I'm considering getting that old Madball logo, the baseball on fire, on my calf. But I don't have any other band tattoos right now.

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