Here's a little CLRVYNT secret for you: the entire staff listens to more Trapped Under Ice than is probably recommended. We've also been rocking to singer Justice Tripp's newer band Angel Du$t (who we interviewed earlier this year) and their killer new album Rock The Fuck On Forever, which made our top albums of the year as a site and as individuals. So it only made sense to reach out to Justice for his top LPs of the year. Check out below for more details, as well as Justice's top 2016 playlist. 

1. Tyrannamen - S/T

I don't know shit about this band but they are from Australia and they know how to write a big ass fucking rock track. Plus it helps that the recording sounds so authentic and cool. This might be my favorite release of the last few years.

2. Culture Abuse - Peach

I've seen this record on a lot of people's top whatever's for the year. The influences are so broad that you can't easily place what culture abuse is. That's the coolest thing to me. Their singer, Dave, moved into my house recently so I have to turn it down when Peach comes on.

3. Turnstile - Move Thru Me

Turnstile constantly pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in the genre of hardcore music, whether you think it's for better or worse. These tracks do just that. You hear a little more bad brains influence than in the past and even some D.C. Go-Go style drumming. These tracks slam.

4. Tony Molina - Confront The Truth

Tony Molina is straight out of outer space. I don't think this release is what anyone expected, but cooler than what anyone expected. Every song sounds like a straight to the point minute long ballad.

5. Sumerlands - S/T

I'm a straight up poser when it comes to metal so I have little place reviewing this record or band. However, my favorite this is when someone rocks so hard at doing something that isn't "my thing," that I have no choice but to bow down.

6. CC Dust - S/T 

I'm not the craziest about electronic in general music but this shit does for me what punk rock does for me. CC Dust makes me feel dirty and sexy and I like it.

7. Fury - Paramount

This is my favorite hardcore release of the year. Hardcore LP's can get boring and i don't have much of an attention span for it. Fury wrote a record that you can listen to all the way through and get buck to live. This is the perfect record to show someone who wanted to know what hardcore sounds like in 2016.

8. Drake - Views

This shit rocks and slams and bangs. It's on everybody's top 10s, but I would be a straight up liar if I neglected to mention Views.

9. Uranium Club - Human Exploration

This shit is straight up silly in a way that makes me want to get loose. I could tell you the influences I hear but it doesn't matter because Human Exploration doesn't sound like anything else that you're currently fucking with.

10. Snail Mail - Habit

This is a band of very young people from my hometown of Baltimore. This release is so special because it is riddled with tasteful imperfection that only a young person can create. It feels advanced and immature at the same time. The lyrics make me feel 17 and cool.

Check out Justice's playlist: