Memories are never as rosy as you think they are. For every moment of bliss with an ex, there was probably a cloud of darkness that loomed in in the background, consciously or subconsciously. Yet, whenever we choose to remember a moment, it's the beauty that comes to the forefront, while all of the darkness drifts into the ether. Remembering the light and the dark makes those moments of ecstasy that much sweeter.

Hello Shark's delicately beautiful "Wish We Talked Still" feels intensely personal. Revolving around clean, Slint-y guitar lines, the already Nick Drake-influenced track has a feel of darkness and nostalgia that surrounds it.

We are as boring as biblical stories
Cigarettes at eight in the mornin'
I know how you get
When you haven't had one yet

The video for "Wish We Talked Still" is no different, coupling the beautifully sad track with a VHS-centered approach that plays like a supercut of memories from a life in the city. It's a great pairing, enough to make you want to snag the Delicate LP, out now on Orindal Records.

11/3 Baltimore, MD @ Seeworld
11/4 Harrisonburg, VA @ Lon Lon Ranch
11/5 Williamsburg, VA @ The Meridian
11/6 Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
11/8 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
11/9 Albany, NY @ The Relief Theater
11/10 Middleton, CT @ Art House (Wesleyan University)
11/11 Boston, MA @ TBA
11/12 Middlebury, VT @ The Gamut Room
11/13 Annandale-on-Hudson, NY @ Bard College
11/14 Rochester, NY @ Meddlesome Lab
11/15 East Hampton, MA @ The Flywheel