For those of you foolish enough to doubt the badassery inherent in the domestic shorthair or the elderly human, Ex-Cult are here to set you straight. The band's new lo-fi video for "Nightmare Zone," off this year's album Negative Growth, stars those two species, captured in their natural environment — peering in creepily through glass windows and chilling out at the neighborhood bar, respectively. But seriously, those cats are C-U-T-E! Watch below.

Frontman Chris Shaw chimed in on the new video as such:
“Nightmare Zone” contemplates a fictional encounter with a barfly after a night out at my favorite bar in Memphis. While the rest of our hometown crumbles, Tina thrives in the glow of the Golden Tee golf game. The Miata might be totaled, but the white rabbit rides at dawn.

Back in September, the band released a new song, "Let You In."

Ex-Cult's Negative Growth LP is out now via In the Red.