Spolier alert AND trigger warning: If you're one of the millions of humans befuddled and wholly terrified by the scourge of creepy clowns stalking the States, you probably shouldn't watch Big Eyes' "Just Not Right." Granted, most of the video is tame. Filmed largely at bandleader Kaitlyn Eldridge's mother's shed, their self-directed, self-edited clip consists primarily of grainy camcorder footage supplementing the rollicking Stake My Claim track.

But then we get to the horrific closing shot. I'll only say this, lest I spoil it for those who fancy a good shudder: It's a really big clown. Watch below, if you dare, and scroll down for Big Eyes' upcoming tour dates and their zinger for Good Bands Telling Bad Jokes.

Big Eyes released their Stake My Claim LP via Don Giovanni back in August.

Oct. 21
 — Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
Oct. 23 — Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
Oct. 24 — Raleigh, NC @ Neptunes
Oct. 25 — Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Oct. 26 — Tallahassee, FL @ Bread & Roses
Oct. 27 — Tampa, FL@ Tequilas Pre Fest 4
Oct. 28 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Kreepy Tiki
Oct. 30 — Gainesville, FL @ High Dive the Fest
Oct. 31 — Athens, GA @ Preserve Halloween Hop
Nov. 1 — Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
Nov. 2 —  Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
Nov. 11 — Durham, NH @ University of New Hampshire
Nov. 26 — Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar Wild Fest