Baroness have spent the past several months touring behind last year's fantastic Purple LP. Their latest record may have been the technical focus of the just-concluded trek, but the sludge stalwarts were even more eager to flex their might in the wake of a horrific tour bus crash that nearly took their lives back in 2012.

Accordingly, the Savannah outfit's new visual for Purple standout "Try to Disappear" is a defiant middle finger to the Grim Reaper. In addition to showcasing Baroness' performative prowess (especially that of drummer Sebastian Thomson, who whales on his kit with a punishing, eerie calmness), both song and clip act double as vivid, fist-pump-invoking reminders to live in the moment and cherish every bit of good fortune that comes your way, be it an opportunity to watch a bunch of of metal masters let it rip, or the chance to cheat death itself. Watch below.

Purple is available now via the band's own label, Abraxan Hymns.