Austra is an electronic project led by vocalist Katie Stelmanis that's been going strong since 2009. The project is set to release its third full-length, Future Politics, this coming January 20. Today, they're putting out the first video from the album, "Utopia."

You know how you find yourself daydreaming occasionally and wonder what life would be like if you lived in some kind of near-future dreamworld where fucking up isn't possible? Austra show how off-putting that might be. Stelmanis wanders around a nearly completely white room (with a product that looks very similar to an Amazon Echo) and eats her future food of high-protein worms. It's pretty gross, and pretty unforgettable.

Of the video, director THAT GO had this to say:

Katie came into the video project with a lot of ideas about the future. We discussed everything from food trends to 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.' The video is more near-future than distant-future, with recognizable technology and modern protein sources.