While much of the world had its eyes on "Oldchella," the "American Badass" himself was busy gathering up a team of die-hards to "Bawitdaba" at his Nashville party, the Kid Rock Fish Fry. Held at the Fontanel on Friday and Saturday (October 7 and 8, respectively), the Second Annual Fish Fry included a full set by "the Bullgod," "Son of Detroit" Kid Rock each day, additional live music, free haircuts (via Sailor Jerry's), "a Ferris wheel, corn hole, fireworks, picnic tables, local food trucks, plenty of cold beer, good times and more fried fish." No word on the existence of "Good Times, Cheap Wine" or "Cocaine and Gin," but no matter what happened, surely there "Ain’t Enough Whiskey" and you may have just ended up "Drinking Beer With Dad" in a "Redneck Paradise." 

So, basically, the fish fry was an excuse for the "Rebel Soul" and those who were "Born Free" to party all day long in anticipation of the "Rock 'n' Roll Jesus" and his pyro-heavy set later that evening. "Amen," "God Bless Saturday" and, most importantly, "Rock On."  As you'd expect, the turnout for the event was pretty incredible (in several different ways), and you can check photos of the "Devil Without a Cause" from "Times Like These" below.

"God Save Rock 'n' Roll."