In February of 2015, Katy Perry gave us an entertainingly ludicrous Super Bowl halftime show — precisely the kind of empty, post-ironic spectacle the event deserves. Now, just two and a half years after Left Shark, she's bringing us the "purposeful pop" of her fourth (post-contemporary Christian) solo album, Witness, and with it a Big Brother-style livestream to infotain the masses all weekend. In lieu of just putting on the new Unsane song or something, we at CLRVYNT tuned in to bring you the best sample comments befitting the occasion. Check out the comments below, as we scrolled from camera view to camera view

Screengrab via Youtube

WHAT ARE WE SEEING: A domino artist setting up an installation for Katy Perry's new album

Is it OK to Fap to this

what is this white nonsense

Why are we here just to suffer

all I see is a dirty room an Asian child some weights that don't look liked they ever been used and yea should someone call the police

The days of honoring yourself will soon be at an end...

Wat going on yo?

Screengrab via Youtube

WHAT ARE WE SEEING: Katy Perry soundly asleep on her circular bed. 

Thats some amazing art (watching her sleep)

She doesn't move at all(Robot)

You need to repent and turn to Jesus christ !!

Bed wetter confirmed

Katy Perry is Illuminati

She looks like an evil disney queen

worship your corporate celebrities fellow slaves

Click bait

I feel uncomfortable watching......

Screengrab via Youtube

WHAT ARE WE SEEING: Artist Levi Ponce airbrushing a giant painting of Katy Perry.

Watching paint dry

So, when's the show

money is the real god

Can someone explain what is this??

I'm out