Art is pretty fucking weird, right? Sometimes when you come across a piece of art and don't immediately understand it or fully grasp it, there's something to embrace in making a subjective interpretation. Especially when there's a wide array of things to grasp onto, like in Jenny Hval's new video for "Conceptual Romance," directed by Zia Anger. The video is packed to the brim with stark images: Hval running through a cemetery in a red dress; a woman in a green suit walking around with a young child; Hval covering herself in plastic sheets; a group of women wearing suits with painted versions of the female anatomy. The arresting visions of femininity and bodies are sure to stick in your brain for a while, a good showing of the art to come in Hval's upcoming Sacred Bones record, Blood Bitch. 

Pre-order your copy of Blood Bitch, due out September 30, right here.