When we first heard the announcement that the Dillinger Escape Plan would be putting out their last record, we were extremely bummed. The band has had a tremendous impact on metallic hardcore for over a decade, and their absence would leave a huge hole in all of us. That being said, we also knew there was no chance in hell they would let us go without a serious sonic boom of a record. And, to their credit, Disassociation is exactly that.

It's packed of some of their most inspired songwriting, "Limerent Death" showing us why we fell in love with the strange time signatures and chaos in the first place. "Fugue" lays out some heavy industrial elements, and "Manufacturing Discontent" just delivers a pummeling, easy-to0follow song structure. Disassociation closes with its title track, combining all their different elements into one beautiful goodbye. We'll miss TDEP, but this is the best goodbye possible.

Hear the album below, and grab a copy from their merch store.