Everyone was anxious to say goodbye to 2016, a dirty, no-good, contemptible year that will be remembered as the worst in recent history. The hope is that 2017 will relinquish some of the pain that was felt last year, but January 20, aka Inauguration Day, is a day that many citizens of the Earth are dreading. And while there is no one thing to save that day from sucking rotten eggs, there is one bright side to it: January 20 is also the day that L.A. fun rockers Cherry Glazerr’s sophomore album comes out.

That its title, Apocalipstick, is a play on the end of days is no coincidence — band leader Clementine Creevy is fully aware that life is about to become extra shitty. However, Creevy is a rare kind of individual: She seems to find some amusement in whatever’s going on, no matter how dark the times get. The 20-year-old formed the band back in 2013, and within a year they saw their debut album, Haxel Princess, released by the kindred spirits at Burger Records. Since then, Creevy has recruited new members and secured a recurring role on Amazon’s hit series Transparent (where she plays in a fictitious band called Glitterish); but with a new label, Secretly Canadian, to release Apocalipstick, she seems destined to break big with Cherry Glazerr.

Right before the holidays, CLRVYNT called up Creevy to talk about the important things in life, like music, comedy, junk food and bowel movements.

Thanks for calling me.
Thanks for waiting. I was just taking a poop.

Oh nice! I was actually going to ask you about pooping after I read a recent tweet where you mentioned the need to take an “overdue poopy.” Obviously, you aren’t afraid to share that information.
Yeah, you know, I think women talk about poop on and off social media if it so interests them. It’s sort of the last thing you do in front of your significant other, maybe. It seems that penises, butts and farts have always been funny, but vaginas and poop are still kind of making their way into the humor zone. But that’s just me shooting the shit. I think that fact is bullshit. Whether or not that may be true, whatever, make a joke out of anything.

Speaking of social media, on Instagram you pointed out that your album comes out the same day as the presidential inauguration. Is that a good or bad thing?
A great thing! It’s a wonderful thing. What is there besides music in hard times? It’s the most powerful force in the world. I think America has never been great, but I feel motivated, and I feel like I want to act in defiance of having a demigod for a president — this racist, sexist, psychotic monster face. It’s gonna require some energy.

I’m guessing title of your tour, Pussy Bites Back, is a reference for your new president.
Pussy Bites Back, that’s what it is. Yeah, it’s referencing Trump’s quote, “Grab ['em] by the pussy.” We changed it from "grab" to "bite" because it’s a little more silly and funny and aggressive.

Do you buy the claim that his term as president will inspire some great music?
I feel that music is not inherently political. Civil society places importance on the music. From the time music started, there was an ebb and flow of what it meant and felt like and what people got from it based on the sociopolitical climate. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s the same as it will be now. I feel it’s stupid to say, “Music has a really important job right now.” It’s a human ego thing to do. Music exists on a separate plain. We are lucky music gives itself to us. It’s not something that we own or control, even though we like to pretend we do. That’s what I think, in a nutshell.

Do you feel that a song like “Told You I’d Be With the Guys” has changed or become more powerful since Trump was elected?
The song itself doesn’t change, but I think people get different things out of it depending on how they feel. It was already powerful, though. It was already about female solidarity. It was already about men taking up space politically, economically and socially. It was already about a really intense thing — females supporting females — which is still something that isn’t commonplace. I made the song for myself, not anyone else. But I love that people feel that way.

This album is also a lot of fun, though.
So much fun.

In the press release for the album, you said, “Comedy in music is extremely important.” But music and comedy don’t always gel. What did you mean by that?
I just love humor and comedy and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. You can even make harmonic structures, melodies and arrangements tongue-in-cheek the way Frank Zappa did. He was a satirical musician, and it’s awesome. I just fucking love comedy. I think comedy is all we have. When I say that, I mean not taking shit too seriously and realizing that we’re all just a bunch of stupid, idiot human animals running around the planet. We may as well have a good fucking time all the time. Whether that’s dancing to music or hanging out on a boat somewhere. Or both. I don’t know why I thought about that. I think I want to be hanging out on a boat somewhere. That is my philosophy, which is, of course, always changing and not a solid philosophy. I just don’t like to take myself too seriously. It’s stupid and boring.

One song I find to be funny is “Trash People.” What are some of the dirty fucking habits you’re referring to?
Um … hmmm … well, you know, we’ve all got our vices. I’ve been trying to quit smoking for a year, but I can’t. I can’t do it. I just can’t quit, man. And I eat a lot of junk food. I eat a lot of cheeseburgers and Hot Cheetos.

What are Hot Cheetos like? I haven’t seen those here in Toronto.
Do they not have those? You know, it’s probably a fucking American thing. They’re so toxic and fucking gross. It’s just a ton of MSG powdery, salty, weird, ambiguous shit in a bag that tastes amazing. But fuck it! I ain’t in it for my health. I love eating them. They feel good on my tongue. Maybe I’ll die faster, but whatever. Who cares?

Can you explain the idea behind the cover art for Apocalipstick?
It’s just me with a cool space suit on and a cool headpiece with my guitar and a futuristic Los Angeles behind me. Our friend Malachi Ward designed it. I gave him the concept and he drew it.

What kind of Apocalipstick merch have you come up with? A lipstick like the one on the cover would be cool.
Definitely a lot of merch is happening, but the lipstick is still … I don’t know how I feel about it because I’m sort of anti-makeup, but only for myself. I don’t really want to be preachy about not having it, though, because it’s a very cool idea. It may be on the merch table soon. Why, would you get some?

Um, no, but I will share an idea of mine that you are welcome to have free of charge: Since you like junk food, how about making a candy lipstick to sell? Like a Push Pop or Ring Pop.
Oooohhh! Oooohhh! I see what you’re talking about. Dude, I would love that! That’s a fucking great idea! Because instead of actual lipstick, it’s candy. That’s so much better. Oh. My. God. What if I made it happen? What should I say? Should I put your name on the tube?

No. Maybe just a mention in an interview or on social media.
[Laughs] Well, I absolutely love your idea and I kinda want to do that. Oh my god. That is so awesome and wonderful. I did not know we would be brainstorming merch ideas.

You guys recorded with Joe Chiccarelli, who has worked on so many awesome albums. What made you say, “I need to work with this guy”?
We were just recording with our friend Carlos de la Garza, the co-producer of the record, and he said, “I think I might bring in my friend Joe to co-produce.” And we thought that was cool. Because Joe had worked with Zappa before, who I love. He did Joe’s Garage, which is a great record. That was one of the main reasons why I was drawn to him. And he also recorded that Shins record I like, Wincing the Night Away. He’s worked with a lot of awesome people; he’s a great guy. Super patient, an open collaborator and such a sweet guy.

Did he have any great Morrissey stories?
I remember him saying some stuff, but we have to keep that between us.

I really liked the video for “Nurse Ratched,” though it’s pretty disturbing. Are you a horror movie buff?
Y’know, I like the classics. I love silly shit like John Carpenter and Wes Craven. Like classic ’80s horror, and I think that’s what the video was inspired by.

What was it like to (fake) kill your bandmate Sasami Ashworth and be covered in her (fake) blood?
When we did it, we thought it was really fucking funny and fun. There were these two ladies next to the camera squirting bottles of blood at us. It was so sticky, such a mess.

Finally, I’m actually making some kickass Mediterranean grilled cheese sandwiches tonight for dinner. What does your favorite grilled cheese sandwich consist of?
Well, lots of butter, like I mention in the song, sourdough bread, cheddar, maybe some hot sauce, tomato, avocado, some salt on the avocado, and then call it a day. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches have become a thing, and honestly, I feel like I started it. I feel like I made grilled cheeses cool.

I feel like you should take full credit.
I feel like I should, too. Give credit where credit is due.