For a lot of kids getting into weird art scenes these days, it might be difficult to figure out how some artists were influenced in certain areas. Take for example, Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth. It was U.K. "anti-cult" in the '80s, forming from the remains of the punk and industrial scenes with a hyper-sharp focus on cultural criticism. It was co-founded by Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV, whose genre-defying band would go hand in hand with the group in sound and concept.

Today, the temple is seeking to teach new listeners with the launch of their new documentary, A Message From the Temple, a collaboration between Sacred Bones and Dais Records. The documentary will set out to trace TOPY's beginnings and previous influences, and trace what became of the group and how their message still resonates today. The documentary will be anchored by an evening of Psychic Television Transmissions October 15 in New York City, featuring a discussion with Genesis P-Orridge, Tom Headbanger, Pieter Schoolwerth and others.

The documentary will be something special. Find out more about the project at its Kickstarter page.