The legendary gods of jangle-pop, the Clean, are one of the greatest and most unsung bands of the past 30 years. Though they technically only released five LPs and a handful of EPs, their influence on indie rock cannot be understated, causing a legion of followers to worship at the altar of the band, their associates (think names like the Bats) and the label that housed them all, Flying Nun Records. Get familiar. You'll thank us later.

Now the band is readying a remastered version their 2001 LP, Getaway, featuring Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo. The release will get the VIP treatment: first time on vinyl, in double LP format, with an 18-song bonus CD of their tour-only releases Syd’s Pink Wiring System and Slush Fund. Check out the remastered version of "Stars" below, and make sure to dig deep into their catalog for more and more and more gems. Head to the Merge site for more details on the pre-order, due for release on December 2.