Tony Foresta starts off Iron Reagan's latest single, "A Dying World," with a cheerful greeting: "Welcome to the tragic end of all life." Granted, the thrash revivalists were never really optimists; their first two albums, 2013's Worse Than Dead and the following year's Tyranny of Will, represented acerbic rebukes to the political establishment. But as the world's governmental and cultural systems fall further and further into disarray, the band is more determined than ever to stack up their amps, climb atop the turgid soapbox and stick it to the man. And they need your help.

This February, Iron Reagan are calling on all metalheads to join their Crossover Ministry and celebrate the almighty strength of the thrash revival with an 18-track collection, mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. As with past releases, it's a whirlwind, clocking in at just under a half-hour, but they make every second count — because what else can you do in "A Dying World"? Listen below, and scroll down for a goofy, televangelism-inspired album trailer, plus the LP artwork and track list.

Read our interview with Iron Reagan's Foresta here, and check out his contribution to our Good Bands Telling Bad Jokes series.

Crossover Ministry is out February 3 via Relapse. Pre-order here.

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1. "A Dying World"
2. "You Never Learn"
3. "Grim Business"
4. "Dead With My Friends"
5. "No Sell"
6. "Condition Evolution"
7. "Fuck the Neighbors"
8. "Power of the Skull"
9. "Crossover Ministry"
10. "More War"
11. "Blatant Violence"
12. "Parents of Tomorrow"
13. "Bleed the Fifth"
14. "Megachurch"
15. "Shame Spiral"
16. "Dogsnotgods"
17. "Eat or Be Eaten"
18. "Twist Your Fate"