No matter the genre, there's always an underdog that never got its due. In hardcore, one of the biggest bands that should have been is Iron Age. The Austin-based band melded hardcore and crossover in a way that was singular to them, helping the Texas hardcore scene grow and paving the way for Power Trip. Since then, the members have been involved in bands like Eternal Champion, Power Trip, the Impalers, Vaaska and many many more.

Iron Age's appearances have been few and far between since they went on hiatus in the early '10s, but the band has just announced a last-minute appearance in Dallas at Club Dada tomorrow night (October 15) supporting Build & Destroy, the great RZL DZL, Vulgar Display (last show), Skourge and Creeping Death.

Clearly, the eleventh-hour announcement is meant to minimize attention, but there's no way around not being stoked for this gig ... or possible additional dates. Dallas, we're all jealous.