A new year means a new parade of festivals with nearly identical lineups, but none have ever been able to set the tone like Coachella. Yet today, the festival announced its full three-day lineup and uh ... bummer. Year after year, Coachella has been able to set the tone and change the game for music — shaping trends, reuniting important bands and giving young ones their big big break. This year's lineup seems phoned-in. Not that it matters — the damn thing is always sold out waaay in advance anyway. Sure, there's some solid picks and a handful of wows in the form of Hans Zimmer and the Avalanches (OK, maybe just those), but the rest just reads like a really simple paint-by-numbers exercise, not the adventurous and creative lineup that we've grown to love from the festival. How many times do you need to see Radiohead headline a fest? Don't Beyoncé and Kendrick tour every single year? Look, all of these things are cool, but hardly what we've come to expect from the most important festival in the U.S.

Also, correct us if we're wrong, but didn't this festival book punk and metal at some point? Actually, nevermind. That's the Goldenvoice of decades ago that booked Black Flag and and GBH and Suicidal Tendencies and Metallica and every important punk show of the early '80s in California. Looks like someone needs to brush up on their Warzone.

Roadburn or Primavera or Day for Night.