Sometimes it's a good idea to go out hard once and disappear. Attempted Suicide was, and is, a modern punk classic; Career Suicide could certainly have just done victory lap after victory lap on that record alone, playing to apeshit fans as the crowds grew and grew with the legend of the LP. See: Cock Sparrer and Shock Troops, or any number of other bands that are finally getting their due.

But that's not what artists do. Artists challenge themselves, move with the times and always reinvent. Unfortunately, most of these follow-up records tend to fall flat — but not Machine Response. The band's new LP, out now via Deranged Records, is every bit as catchy and venomous as some of their early work, making for a worthy successor to the classic Attempted Suicide LP. It's fun, it's riffy, it's melodic without being soft, and it's just plain badass. Stream it below and order yours.