Punk doesn't always need to be ultra serious to be effective. B Boys is a band out of Brooklyn that have taken that in stride, playing a super noisy kind of post-punk while having a good ass time doing it. The band is set to release their debut full-length record Dada in June, and today have dropped their new video for "Energy." Taking inspiration from old school Beastie Boys (whoa, Beastie Boys, B Boys, two trios... strange connection) videos, "Energy" follows their singer around many parts of New York City while the song crashes along. The Devo-like guitars remain drive the song while the increasing chaos of noise speeds up the pace of things. Their singer bounces around the screen, showing the city's inherent beauty and madness, and how NYC is probably the best place in the world.

Hear "Energy" below, and pre-order Dada from Captured Tracks before it's out on June 16.

4/14: Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY
5/20: Murmrr Ballroom - Brooklyn, NY (Tour Kick Off w/ Future Punx)