A brief lesson in etymology: Ti Bon Ange, the forthcoming sophomore album from Austin psych-rock trio Suspirians, gets its name from the Haitian Vodou for "little good angel”: the part of the human soul that departs the body every night for a trip to the dream world. It's an apt title, considering how the band's heady racket isn't too far off from having an out-of-body experience — and these three are no ordinary shamans. Guitarist / vocalist Marisa Pool and bassist / keyboardist Stephanie Demopulos are staples in the Austin psych scene, while drummer Lisa Cameron cut her teeth performing with Roky Erickson and ST 37.

Arriving June 9 via Super Secret Records, Ti Bon Ange finds Suspirians parting the psychic sea for a remarkably accessible passage: 40 minutes' worth of feedback-drenched, brain-melting rock that straddles the line between the Stooges' impatient punk and Erickson's heady jams. “We would end up getting lost in the songs together in a sort of epic fever dream,” Pool says in a press release. “We did not overthink or over-control anything on this record. It was all about going with the flow and following our instincts.” That primal approach informs "Nocturne," the album's new, gnarled single. Give it a spin below.

Ti Bon Ange hits shelves June 9 via Super Secret Records. Pre-order it here.