Brooklyn's Sharkmuffin play scuzzy, ornery glam-rock with a strut — think T. Rex by way of Hole, or perhaps a more acrid Sweet. Two years after their self-titled debut, the band — which has shifted from a trio to a duo, consisting of Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch — is gearing up to release their sophomore album, Tsuki. True to its title (the Japanese word for "moon"), the new record, which was recorded over the span of a single lunar cycle last year, represents an astral body of work, a vast universe dominated by pulsing riffs and gravity-laden grunge.

Case in point: luminous first single "Space Glow," which we're premiering today. "'Space Glow' isn't exactly about outer space," the band tells CLRVYNT. "It's about a brilliant artist with PTSD and synesthesia whose best friend happens to be the moon." Regardless, it's out of this world. Give it a spin below, and scroll down to check out the Tsuki album artwork and track list, plus Sharkmuffin's awesome Aliens-inspired tour poster.

Sharkmuffin's new album, Tsuki, is out May 5.


1. "Grandma Sharkmuffin Says"
2. "Space Glow"
3. "Jury Duty"
4. "Little Bird"
5. "Puppy Love"
6. "Factory"
7. "I Wanna Be You"
8. "Atama"
9. "Ghost Beads"
10. "Too Much Fun"
11. "Leather Gloves"
12. "Plate"
13. "Stacey"
14. "Scully Is a Sharkmuffin"
15. "Sweet Tea"

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