Post-punk doesn't always have to be gloomy and joyless. It's often full of life, featuring a vast array of emotions. That seems to be the M.O. for Pallas, a new four-piece art-rock band out of Atlanta. Today, they're premiering their self-titled debut record, and what you'll notice immediately is how off-the-wall instrumentation results in something genuinely fresh (see the palpitating guitar in "Render (Location 13)"). Singer Danielle Brutto contorts her voice, alternating between haunting, beautiful and strange often in the same song. There's multiple levels to what the band can do, be it odd and experimental à la "Itchy Feet (Location 12)" or music more aligned with Sonic Youth-style alt-rock on "Down." That said, everything they attempt, they nail.

Hear Pallas below, and pre-order the record via Drop Medium.