Two years after 2014's earth-shaking Inked in Blood LP, death metal icons Obituary have crawled forth from the abyss for yet another aural assault: the new collection Ten Thousand Ways to Die, hitting shelves tomorrow via Relapse. It's a fearsome chimera, somewhere between an EP and a highlights reel; here, the Tampa titans offer up a pair of new songs, backed by a career-spanning slew of live cuts captured during their world tour behind Inked in Blood. (A fair warning: This thing sounds downright monstrous on headphones — don't try this on earbuds unless you want to end up looking like the poor chap on the album cover.)

Ready to die? Great. Stream the new release below, and scroll down to view the album's artwork and track list, plus a hilariously epic poster for Obituary's European tour, going on now.

Obituary's Ten Thousand Ways to Die arrives October 21 via RelapsePre-order here.

1. “Loathe”
2. “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”
3. “Redneck Stomp”
4. “Centuries of Lies”
5. “Visions in My Head”
6. “Intoxicated”
7. “Bloodsoaked”
8. “Dying”
9. “Find the Arise”
10. “Til Death”
11. “Don’t Care”
12. “Chopped in Half - Turned Inside Out”
13. “Slowly We Rot”