John Garcia likes it hot — and loud. A founding father of Joshua Tree's aptly named "desert rock" scene, the vocalist has ties to pretty much every band forged under the white-hot sun: most famously Kyuss, the seminal stoner rock outfit he co-founded with Josh Homme and others, but also Slo Burn, Unida, Vista Chino, Hermano and more. If that résumé wasn't impressive already, he's got a burgeoning solo career going as well.

Of course, everyone — even a leaden titan like Garcia — could do with a change in pace. When it came time to record his follow-up to 2014's eponymous solo debut, the grand poobah of the Joshua Tree sound made the bold decision to unplug the amps and break out the acoustic. The resultant, long-gestating record, The Coyote Who Spoke in Tongues, thus marks a dynamic paradigm shift of sorts. Just because the dial's not turned all the way up to 11 doesn't mean the loud rebel spirit is dead and gone; on the contrary, the new release features a host of acoustic takes on old Kyuss favorites ("Green Machine," "Space Cadet"), along with the expected new material. Is it the follow-up to John Garcia? A covers album? A mixture of both? (Ding ding ding.)

Ahead of The Coyote Who Spoke in Tongues' release on January 27 via Napalm (pre-order here or here), CLRVYNT is proud to unveil the appropriately arid visual for "Kylie," one of the new tracks set to appear on the record. Check it out below, and scroll down for the album artwork.

coyote cover