I'm Glad It's You is a band out of California that hits the sweet spot between nostalgic and forward-thinking. The band is set to release debut full-length The Things I Never Say on 6131 Records, and today they're streaming the whole thing. It kicks off with "The Things We Lose," an instant portal to the alt-rock of yore, letting an instrumental intro build up before unleashing a flurry of emotion and energy. Elsewhere on the record, songs are pretty and sincere, the waves of guitars on "To Contest a Parking Citation" mixing perfectly with heartfelt lyrics. IGIY slow things up on "Time Capsule" with just twinkles and vocals, before busting out everything they can in "Communion." The record is a cure to whatever ails you, trafficking in both fun and anguish.

Hear the record below, and pre-order your copy before it's out this Friday.