New York City's Crushed take all your favorite hardcore and metal bands, slam them together, spin them into their own image and throw the results right in your face. The band is set to drop their self-released EP, Deep User, next month, and today you can hear their new track, "Ain't High No More." The beauty is that it pretty much fits any need you have for a heavy song. On its basest level, it's a total thrasher, reminiscent of the likes of Cro-Mags and Sheer Terror, with a heavier bite. Digging deeper, you can hear the attention to detail. The EP was recorded by Uniform's Ben Greenberg, who helped the band realize their potential for noise-laden riffs. Lyrically, you're not getting the caveman lyrics of the past; instead, Crushed relate the horror and pain of fighting against addiction and tryig to get better. All in all, they're a band called Crushed — what the fuck did you think you were in for?

Hear "Ain't High No More," and look out for Deep User April 14 on their Bandcamp.