Urochromes' 'Night Bully' Gets Meaner on Boy Harsher Remix

Courtesy of Urochromes

The way that a good remix should work is not that dissimilar from a well-executed cover: Take the original source material, futz with it and make it wholly unrecognizable from its previous form, adding your own personal spin. The new track should also be able to stand on its own, and not be seen as a continuation of the original.

On Boy Harsher's remix of "Night Bully," the Urochromes original is transformed into a slithering synth-pop sexpot, built to be blasted at 1AM under the heavy fog of a goth dance club. It's an incredibly sexy track, and streamable below. The remix, as well as the original, are both available for purchase on the Urochromes' new EP out soon on Wharf Cat. Check out our interview with the band.

Jan. 26
 — Jacksonville, FL @ Shantytown
Jan. 27 — Miami, FL @ The Club at Hotel Astor
Jan. 28 — Orlando, FL @ Spacebar
Jan. 29 — Tampa, FL @ Steelworker Records
Jan. 30 — Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic
Jan. 31 — Pensacola, FL @ Open Books
Feb. 1 — New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
Feb. 2 — Houston, TX @ Satellite Bar
Feb. 3 — Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlies
Feb. 4 — McAllen, TX @ DSQZBX / Cine El Rey
Feb. 6 — Tuscon, AZ @ Pomoro
Feb. 7 — San Diego, CA @ The Hideout
Feb. 9 — Sacramento, CA @ Press Club
Feb. 10 — San Francisco, CA @ The Knockout
Feb. 11 — Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra
Feb. 12 — Phoenix, AZ @ TBD
Feb. 13 — Santa Fe, NM @ ACAB
Feb. 14 — Dallas, TX @ RBC
Feb. 15 — Atlanta, GA @ 529
Feb. 16 — Boone, NC @ Black Cat
Feb. 17 — Columbus, OH @ Bourbon Street
Feb. 18 — Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class

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