Teenage Wasteland Paint a Haunting Lo-Fi Portrait of 'What You Once Were'

Courtesy of Teenage Wasteland

Teenage Wasteland is the latest musical endeavor of Landon Maloney, best known as the guitarist for Delaware rock outfit Tracy Chapstick. Two summers ago, amidst a period of heartbreak, he decided that the time was nigh for an artistic rebirth and started working on new material at home (and occasionally, his favorite bar); the rest of Teenage Wasteland enlisted shortly thereafter. Now, the lo-fi rock crew is gearing up to release their debut EP, 2016 / what you once were; it hits shelves March 10 via Yellow K. Stream the release's heartfelt first single, "What You Once Were," below. Maloney elaborates:

'What You Once Were' was written at a time when I really desired to love someone the best way I could and wanted to be as close to them as possible, which required a lot of self-reflection on my past relationships and my ability to make good or bad decisions — more so, the latter. I needed to write the closure that I never really got from someone who was once the most important thing in the world to me.

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