Pissed Jeans Go Full Hardcore in 'Ignorecam'

Courtesy of Erbu Yildiz

With, uh, piss on the brain for many of us the last couple days, we probably couldn't have asked for a better time to hear a new track from Pissed Jeans. The Pennsylvania noise-rock band announced their upcoming Why Love Now a couple of months ago with the firery "The Bar Is Low." Today, they're keeping the flame hot with a new track, "Ignorecam," one of their heaviest to date. The band goes full-on hardcore, with a chugging guitar that's loud as a motherfucker and would make anybody want to smash shit along with it. The vocals are equally out of control — gritty as Motörhead at their most furious. It's totally kickass.

Pre-order the record from Sub Pop.

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